About ARDC | ARDC Medical, South Sudan | Medical Clinic in South Sudan, Africa.

About ARDC Medical

ARDC's mission is to consistently deliver advanced medical and clinical services to meet the healthcare needs of South Sudan following the strategy of modern primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare infrastructure.

ARDC is a premier provider of modern, advanced, clinical and diagnostic services within the Republic of South Sudan. 

Staffed and supported by highly-experienced clinicians and specialists from the United Kingdom, Western Europe and East Africa, we are unparalleled in our provision of advanced medical and healthcare services within the nation.

Additionally, ARDC procures and supplies all essential and supreme-quality medical equipment, consumables and pharmaceuticals for the primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare sectors. 

With many years of clinical experience in modern medicine, we have developed an exceptional knowledge of the leading manufacturers of medical and medicinal products throughout the world.

Our values are under-pinned by our unwavering attention to safe-practice, quality, and a professional and ethical approach.

"Airport Road Diagnostic Centre is a premier provider of advanced medical and healthcare solutions within South Sudan."

Principal Clinicians and Healthcare Strategists

Dr. Col Dau Ding
Dr. Dau Col Dau Ding
Late Dr. Ding Col Dau Ding
Dr. Jesus Vaquero