New Facility Set-Up Equipment | ARDC Medical, South Sudan | Medical Clinic in South Sudan, Africa.

New Facility Set-Up Equipment

A range of furniture and equipment packages can be cater-selected by our experts to suit your healthcare facility's requirements comprising of an array of high-quality-assured products from the world's leading manufacturers.

A large range of beds designed with risk management, ease of use and servicing in mind, and to offer unique benefits in key areas. Hospital beds, nursing-care beds and dynamic-mattress systems.

A large range of domestic and medical bins for waste disposal. The range includes fire retardant pedal bins, ash bins, waste bins, sack holders, bag holders, nappy disposal bins, push bins and pedal bins.

A large range of medical cabinets, dental cabinets and primary care cabinets from leading manufacturers such as Sunflower and BH Amerson.

Chairs and Stools
A large range of chairs and stools for different uses such as waiting-room chairs and visitor-chairs for patients, and operator's-chairs and stools for doctors.

Changing Tables
Wall-mounted and mobile baby-changing units for easy storage and convenience.

Couch Steps
Medical couch steps from leading manufacturers such as Medi-Plinth and BH Amerson.

Drainage Racks
Drainage racks, bed pans and urinal drainage racks with drip trays.

Drip Stands and IV Poles
Drip stands and IV poles from the best brands and manufacturers.

Medical Couches
All medical couches are manufactured to the highest medical standards from leading manufacturers such as Medi-Plinth and Sunflower. The products range from 2-section couches, 3-section couches, phlebotomy chairs, examination couches and mobile operating-tables.

Medical Lighting
Medical lights for general examination to surgery from leading manufactures such as Welch Allyn and Riester.

Medical Refrigerators
Medical refrigerators for pharmacies, laboratories, and wards from manufacturers such as Labcold and Lec.

A range of medical consulting-room mirrors ideal for surgeries and hospital environments supplied with wall mounting tape. As standard these mirrors are easy to fix and will not break or shatter if dropped or knocked.

Toy Furniture
Toy furniture for homes, schools, waiting rooms, doctors' offices and an eye-catching centerpiece for any child's room.

A large range of trolleys available from leading manufacturers in the UK. The range includes care-tray trolleys, transport trolleys, medicine trolleys and dressing trolley's.

Ward Screens and Blinds
A range of mobile folding screens and blinds providing a temporary or permanent privacy-solution. Hygienically designed using a durable and easy-to-clean panel system available in various patterns and colours.

X-Ray Film Viewers
The X-ray film viewers are a compact method for illumination and ideally suited to clinics and surgeries where space is at a premium. All X-ray film viewers feature a modern and slim design.

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